Santorini Top 10 Things to Do (Part 2)

The Ultimate Santorini Top 10 by Santorini 360 Tours / Part II

After reviewing the first 5 stops on our Santorini Top10 list, here are the next 5 spots one should not miss when exploring this amazing island! Let’s see what comes next!

6. The Monastery of Profitis Ilias

The Monastery of Profitis Ilias: on the highest spot of Santorini, on the path starting from the village of Pyrgos leading to Ancient Thera and Emporeio, this medieval monastery epitomizes the clerical history of the island and at the same time offers majestic panoramic views to the entire island.

7. Ancient Thera 

Ancient Thera: on top of Mega Vouno (or the Grand Mountain) lies an ancient city of unexpected majesty. A Spartan settlement that ruled over the island and perhaps the entire region of central Aegean, is a remnant of immense historical significance.

8. The Caldera path

The Caldera path: from the southern end of the Caldera at Akrotiri to the northern end at Oia, a path passing through the top of the cliffs is probably the most spectacular hike Santorini has to offer! Amazing views, breath-taking natural beauty and the exhilarating sensation of walking on the edge of the world make you put your walking shoes on and start walking! 

9. The Great Vineyard of Santorini

The Great Vineyard of Santorini: the volcanic soil of the island and the unique microclimate help grow some amazing grape varieties that produce exquisite wines! Taste the beauty of Santorini in a glass by trying the multi-awarded, spectacular wines of Santorini, as well as the famous Vinsanto! Santorini also produces some unique vegetables with distinctive tastes and strong Santorinian character that are worth trying!

10. Cruising around Santorini

Cruising around Santorini: perhaps the most beloved activity among visitors of Santorini is cruising around the island and exploring its coastal beauty! Imposing cliffs, majestic waters, an inviting shoreline full of colours and nature’s magnificence. Embark on one of Santorini 360’s cruises to get to know this superb island in the best possible way!

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