Santorini: A guide for your first steps on the island

Santorini Island is a unique destination in the Aegean. An island with a volcanic heritage that makes it awe-inspiring and beautiful, it never fails to impress each visitor with its imposing caldera, the contrasting balance between land and sea and the amazing volcanic products that stand out for their transcendent tastes and high quality.

When you first step foot in Santorini, you will be amazed by the traditional architecture that seems to defy gravity and natural hardship. Carved on the rock and shaped in bold, thick structures in the pristine, iconic white of the Aegean, the homes and villas of Santorini seem like little summer heavens set against the deep blue of the sea and the sky.

In every step you take, Santorini offers spectacular images; blue domed churches, traditional arched “canavas” for storing wine in the cool rocky underground, medieval citadels and impressive mansions, all set against the vivid skies and the savage landscape. The coastline is even more breath-taking; on one hand, the magnificent caldera, towering over the sea and overlooking the volcanoes is a truly unforgettable spectacle; on the other, beaches of unique charm and colourful, volcanic character make swimming, sunbathing and sailing a remarkable experience.

But what truly brings out the beauty of the landscape and its harmonious co-existence with the sea is undoubtedly the famous Santorinian sunset. Stand on top of the caldera and gaze into the sea as the sun bids farewell to the day and feel the world stand still for a second; a second alone that makes Santorini one of the most romantic places in the world!

For many, Santorini was the location of the mythical Atlantis, and the savage beauty that was left behind attests to that theory. What is certain is that Santorini is an irresistible destination, one that magnetizes travellers and lures them to this gem of the Aegean time and time again, a destination that will steal your heart forever!