Santorini Top 10 Things to Do (Part 1)

The Ultimate Santorini Top 10 by Santorini 360 Tours / Part I

The amazing island of Santorini has so much to offer to its visitors; breath-taking locations, amazing beauty and unforgettable experiences. We selected Santorini’s Top 10, the 10 things that everyone should do when visiting this glorious island. Let’s begin!

1. The Medieval Kastelia of Santorini

The Medieval Kastelia of Santorini Kastelia are medieval citadels, villages fortified by their unique architecture to protect against crusaders’ attacks. The outer walls of the houses were built so close to each other that they formed a sturdy wall. Santorini has five Kastelia, those of Pyrgos, Emporeio, Oia, Akrotiri and Skaros at Imerovigli.

2. The archaeological excavation of Akrotiri 

The archaeological excavation of Akrotiri or as many refer to it, Pompeii of the Aegean. A highly advanced prehistoric settlement that was buried under tons of ash and lava from the volcanic eruption of 3600 BC was unearthed in Akrotiri, offering a unique look into the island’s ancient past.

3. The Red and the White Beach of Santorini

The Red and the White Beach of Santorini: two truly unique, volcanic beaches, forged by nature and time. Their breathtaking rock formations in red and white in contrast with the blue of the sea and the sky are truly spectacular, perhaps the most famous beaches on the island of Santorini.

4. Skaros at Imerovigli

Skaros at Imerovigli: a breath-taking location with a rich history. The Rock of Skaros homed an entire medieval city, lost in the shades of time leaving but a few relics of its past. Regardless, it is one of the most spectacular spots for viewing the sunset.

5. The traditional village of Oia

The traditional village of Oia: on the northern tip of Santorini, Oia is perhaps the most seductive spot of the island. Its authentic charm and gorgeous location make it simply irresistible with numerous shops, restaurants and cafes, whereas the sunset from Oia is truly awe-inspiring!

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