Travellers Information: All you need to know for your visit in Santorini

Santorini is a small island located in the Cyclades island complex, in the southern Aegean Sea, and it is a popular destination among visitors from around the world for its immense beauty. Many choose it for its romantic ambiance, due to its spectacular sunsets and atmospheric ambiance, making it one of the top locations for destination weddings and romantic holidays. 

Santorini has everything a traveller could wish for; exquisite accommodation proposals, from traditional lodgings carved in the rocks of the caldera to luxurious modern villas or lavish resorts featuring stellar amenities; ample activities in and around the sea as well as on land; numerous high-quality entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, beach bars and cafes and a vibrant lifestyle that leaves no-one unmoved.

You can reach Santorini by air from almost every corner of the world, directly from all major capitals and most Greek cities or via Athens’ International Airport. On the other hand, should you prefer to travel by boat, an abundance of cruise and ferry ships stop at Santorini daily, especially during the summer, from Piraeus port and almost all ports of the Aegean Sea. Of course you can reach Santorini by other, more exclusive means, such as helicopters, private jets or private yachts, and Santorini 360 Tours can ensure all arrangements and reservations for an impeccable private transfer.

When reaching Santorini, you will find a variety of transportation options. Public buses and taxis are most popular, but they can be hard to find especially during the peak of the summer when the tourist inflow is maximized. Renting cars, motorbikes or ATVs is also available, whereas private or semi-private transportation or touring options are also available. For additional information on getting around Santorini, arrangements and reservation of private tours, cruises, excursions and more, Santorini 360 is at your utter disposal to ensure an efficient and effortless summer holiday on this magnificent island! Welcome to the heaven of Santorini!